Interactive Zone

As a College we are passionate about developing skills for the future. Visit the Festivals dedicated Interactive Zone to enjoy a wide range of fun hands-on experiences all designed to inspire younger and older minds alike to explore their creativity and potential.

“Have a Go” experiences

Ever wanted to have a go at something, but didn’t have the resources or the means to do so? The Interactive Zone gives children and adults alike a chance to try something new. As a College we are passionate about developing skills for the future, and to do that you’ve got to really stretch your boundaries and dive in head first. Get hands on with activities such as photography, try building a BBQ with your own two hands, and even test for fingerprints.

Use 'Fingerprints and Forensics' to figure out the felon

You can pretend you’re in a real episode of CSI whilst learning to take and analyse fingerprints with the Science team. Learn how to test pen ink to find out the guilty party using chromatography, and analyse fibre samples from a crime scene.

Come and investigate for yourselves in the Science & Technology Zone.

Take a seat at 'The Beauty Bar'

Whether you want to bolster your blending skills or correct your contour, come along to our Beauty Bar and watch our Beauty students give demos on a variety of make-up and beauty techniques.

Take a seat at The Beauty Bar in the Creative Zone.

Can you ‘Stretch Yourself’ on the BATAK Wall

The Batak Wall, hosted by The Army, is a popular hi-tech reaction game – sort of like the ones you get in the arcade, but much more intricate and much less sticky. Contestants have to use their hand eye coordination to strike illuminated LED display targets. Have a go and find out if you can keep up as the LED targets light up in a maximum stretch arrangement randomly – the ultimate challenge and great fun too!

Come and put your skills on parade in the Care & Active Zone.

Mannequin Challenge

Take part in the 'Mannequin Challenge’ with our Fashion team

Intrigued by the wacky and wonderful creations that so often occupy the catwalk, and want to have a go? Enjoy fashion trends, sketching designs and selecting materials? Come along and find out how to style like a fashion pro! Spend time with our tutors and students and learn some of the basic styling skills when using fabrics on a mannequin within the Fashion and textile industry.

Come and strut your stuff in the Creative Zone.

‘Make it a Reality’ fun with Virtual Reality Headsets

Immerse yourself into a world of Virtual Reality a with the Oculus Rift headsets. Experience this latest technology hosted by The Army from an entirely different perspective!

Come and experience the world through a different pair of eyes in the Care & Active Zone.


‘Develop your Skills’ take a shot at Photography

Forever snapping pictures on your phone? Whether you’re a dedicated Instagrammer, like taking pictures of people, places and events or even just want to know how to use a camera, come and learn the secrets of taking eye catching photos in the pop up photography studio. Learn some basic tips and skills from our Photography team and you’ll be Summer photography ready.

See how you’d get on in the studio in the Digital Zone.


‘Life is Art… Draw your Dreams’ with our Arts team

Watch a masterclass and join in with our talented artists as they demonstrate the skills needed to draw Still Life. Have a go at painting or drawing using professional easels, sadly we can not supply the stereotypical Artist’s French beret.

Come and perfect your Picasso in the Creative Zone.


Brick BBQ

‘Build a BBQ’ with our Construction team

Whether you’re creating a decorative wall for your garden or working on something a little larger, our construction team will share some basic skills needed for building a brick BBQ, perfect for the upcoming summer months. You can also release your inner child and have a go at building with the giant Jenga set. Get your DIY on and have a go at matching up some seriously funky wallpaper – it is not as easy as it looks!

Come and get your DIY on in the Science & Technology Zone.

‘Access Granted’ to a fun workshop with our IT team

Technology is everywhere nowadays, and I bet you can’t find more than five people whose job doesn’t involve using some kind of computer or technology. Come and meet our IT tutors for some coding fun as they demonstrate and get the audience working on some basic IT coding skills, which will definitely come in handy.

Come and get technical in the Digital Zone.

‘Caring for Your Future’ with our Care Professions team

Learn how to take Blood Pressure and what it all means about your health, and learn about food groups and healthy eating. What about making cells out of sweets or try naming the body parts on a skeleton! You could also join our Childcare team who’ll be demonstrating how to bath a baby and talking about the importance of oral hygiene for children.

Make sure you take care to come over to the Care & Active Zone.


‘Crafty fun for little ones!’

To celebrate Milton Keynes Birthday, come and help create a large MK50 collage or make a 3D structure using marshmallows and spaghetti. Let the little ones get creative with playdough and have some fun with maths – all supervised by our childcare team (children cannot be left unattended).

Let the kids run wild (their imaginations, that is) in the Creative Zone.

‘Crafty fun for not so little ones!’

Crafting and colouring isn’t just for kids anymore! Join in the colouring competition and try your best not to go out of the lines, or why not help decorate the celebratory MK50 collage, which will be created by visitors at the Festival.

Come and get your colouring on in the Creative Zone.

Face the 'Gym Challenge'

Let our Sports teams put you through your paces with a range of physical activities designed to get your sweat on. Whether you can’t remember the last time you did any exercise, or you’re a regular gym go-er, come and take on the challenge and see how you size up.

Find out if you’re up to the challenge in the Care & Active Zone.

'Meddle with the Media'

Our fantastic media department will be offering three different sessions three times a day each across the festival.

Session 1. If you’ve ever wondered why particular camera angles are used in particular scenes to create a specific atmosphere, our Media team will show and explain a series of shots, which you will then be quizzed on.

Session 2. Learn how to build a narrative, you will be given a series of images and will have to create a narrative using all of the images, which can be mixed up in any order. Use your creativity to come up with a weird and wonderful story – and who knows who might be looking over your shoulder!

Session 3. The team will give you key words revolving around props, character names, locations and more, and you will use this information to create a film poster by drawing what you’ve been given. It doesn’t matter if you’re no Picasso, it’s all about how you demonstrate a concept.

Come and find us in the Digital Zone.


'Perfect your Pasadoble' with our Latin dance workshop

Whether you want to ramp up your Rumba, spice up your Samba, or have a chance at the Cha-Cha, dust off your dancing shoes and sign up for our Latin Dance workshop. These workshops are for 14-17 year olds and must be pre-booked in advance. They are short taster sessions to give you the flavour of the different dance styles, no partner or prior experience necessary! Sessions will take place on Saturday only at 11:15 and 1:15, both for 30 mins. To book your slot please contact

Make sure you shimmy on over to the Creative Zone to meet ready for your session.

'Do the Robot' with the Engineering team

Ever wanted your very own robot? Come and have a go with our self built Robot, move the tiles around on the floor to create a maze for our electronic friend and find out if they really are more intelligent than us.

Come and get technical in the Science & Technology Zone.

The Education Hub

The College are here to help and expert careers advisers will be on-hand to offer advice on course opportunities, qualifications, apprenticeships and training.

Throughout the Festival, professionals and tutors from the College can provide unique real-life insights into a variety of apprenticeships, careers as well as training routes available with us.

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